The Anti-Ageing Benefits of Broccoli

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The Anti-Ageing Benefits of Broccoli

pexels-photo-53821It’s no secret that eating vegetables is great for your health. The notoriety is specifically on the fresh, green, organic (pesticide free) varieties. Broccoli boasts many amazing benefits for the body; packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential disease combatting nutrients. There have been numerous studies conducted that examine the specific health benefits of this vegetable in creating vibrancy, energy and wellbeing. It has been found that certain qualities of broccoli may actually aid in combatting age decline for those who consume it on a regular basis.


The specific plant chemicals found in vegetables, and broccoli in particular, are known reducers of inflammation, carcinogens and are extremely effective at cell and DNA maintenance. Studies show that one particular enzyme found in broccoli helps to support the cell rejuvenation in such a way that the body’s decline could be reduced.


When our body’s age, our cells produce less energy and this, in turn, translates to less cell maintenance and repair. This causes our body to degenerate – thus, the ageing process. The body begins to decline, creating an environment more susceptible to chronic illness. When our cells energy is directed to attempt to combat the illness, then it is not being directed to rejuvenate healthy cells – which is how we maintain youth and wellbeing.


When we reduce the risk of chronic health problems such as cancers, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and more, then our bodies require less of their valuable energy to combat the disease, and use this energy for cell repair and maintenance, creating a youthful, healthy, longer lasting body. Studies have also shown that increased memory and cognitive performance is a result of consuming more vegetables that carry these disease-fighting enzymes. It is suggested to lightly steam your broccoli for no more than 5 minutes in order to get the optimal amount of nutrient value from this vegetable.