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Art As Therapy

As technology advances and medicine research offers new insights constantly, it can be expected that when dealing with mind and body health issues, people will look to medicine to treat their aliments and conditions. The flip side of advancing research, however, is that people are also being illuminated as to the effects of medicine on the body from temporary side effects to more long term issues. This gives way to the rise of natural and alternative therapies as a growing trend for people looking to get back to health and support their mental and physical wellbeing.


When it comes to mental health, there are a range of treatment options. Art therapy is a particularly popular form of alternative treatment for people dealing with conditions ranging from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, to eating disorders and more. Art is an experience that provides freedom of action, with little rules and a lot of creative scope. The act of drawing, painting, sculpting and crafting allows people to choose what they most enjoy, and to step out of their minds and into a world of color and creative freedom.


Art is not only a space where we can try something new, interact with colors and textures – art is expressive. For people who may not be getting the results from traditional therapies of expressing and sharing through talking or otherwise, then art can be a way to get in touch with you inner experience and allow whatever is inside to come out. It is not just about making something with your hands, art can also be dance, music, any creative outlet that allows you to interact with the world through an enjoyable, accessible medium, rather than allowing your mind and mental state influence and take over your life.


There are many resources online and in the health services industry which can give some direction on where to start. However, if you’re not an artistic person and looking for help with your mental health, it is best that you advise a licensed therapist.