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A Skier’s Dream Destination Vacation at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7

Thousands of acres of fresh powdered snow and hundreds of miles of groomed trails are available for some of the best skiing in the state of Colorado. All this just steps from your door at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7. The ski in and ski out resort is located in the beautiful town of Breckenridge nestled within the magnificent Rocky Mountains.


With over an average of 300 inches of snow a year, Breckenridge is a skier’s dream destination! The long ski season typically runs from November through April. When the winter snowfall is plentiful, the ski season has lasted even longer, extending through to the end of June for some of the best summer skiing.


Along with legendary skiing, the area is an outdoor lover’s playground.  Breckenridge boasts some of the best fly-fishing in the region. Enjoy the surrounding natural beauty with nature hikes, mountain biking, kayaking, and horseback riding.


Breckenridge is within walking distance of the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 resort and offers guests an exceptional après-ski scene, fine dining, and a bustling nightlife. The popular ski town hosts a variety of events all year long. One of the most popular winter competitions is the International Snow Sculpture Championship. In the fall vacationers can attend the local Octoberfest celebration. During the summer months, the town hosts the International Festival of the Arts.


Within the resort, the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 offers guests a relaxing atmosphere with casual dining, private movie theaters, pools, and hot tubs. To unwind after a busy day of outdoor activities, you can book a session at the resort’s full-service day spa. The family fun center has a variety of entertainment for everyone to enjoy including, arcade-style games, ping-pong, and a pool table. During the warmer summer months, you can also play shuffleboard outside to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.


Finding Your Perfect Timeshare Unit

Owning a timeshare in the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 gives you the freedom to enjoy all the resort and Breckenridge has to offer year round. The units at the resort range in size from smaller studios to expansive three-bedrooms. Each timeshare includes king and queen-sized beds and sleeper sofas to comfortably accommodate your family and guests. is your key to easily finding the perfect unit within the resort. The site offers you access to hundreds of timeshare listings throughout the world including available units at Grand Lodge on Peak 7. With the assistance of, you will be able to go from wishing you owned a vacation home to owning your own timeshare and enjoying all the fabulous amenities that the resort has to offer.




Research Tells Elderly To Take Advantage of In-Home Care

griswold senior careA recent study with the University of Virginia has found that up to 4 million elderly Americans live at home and do not receive the health care that is essential. Assistant professor Aaron Yao, and his colleagues analyzed 2012 and 2013 Medicare payment data in order to track home visits in the US. What they eventually found was less and less doctors making home visits and medical care moving to be “more hospital and office-centered.”


The deficiency of in-home care is related to the hefty expenditure in hospitalizations and visits to the emergency department. Yao explains further that if elderly people have controlled symptoms and available in-home care, then there is less likely a risk for a 911 call. So investing in personal care will not only uphold health and “quality of life,” but also help to save a substantial amount of capital.


Yao advocates searching for home-based medical care providers in your area and advising with a doctor. The more “patient-centered model” is great for elderly as well as health care specialists, considering they have a great deal of job satisfaction.


Even though this study was constructed in reference to in-home medical care, it principally aligns well with the benefits and purposes of nonmedical in-home care. Griswold Senior Care does everything possible to deliver the best, personalized experience for in-home care that will help your loved one live happy and healthy. With our certified professional caretakers, your loved one will prosper as independently as possible so you don’t have to be nervous about their wellbeing.


Whatever your in-home care needs are, Griswold can deliver the help you and your loved one require. Numerous elderly are stressed finding quality in-home care in their area, so take advantage of what the experts say works.


If your loved one needs help with day-to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, bathing, or running errands, then our caregivers can be of service. Just need someone for assistance with home projects, gardening, or attending social events? Or perhaps you could use a 24-hour live-in service? We can take care of all of that as well. Even if your loved one is in the final stages of serious illness, we can assist with symptom relief and care.


The status of health and safety can be a slippery slope, so you want to have the most effectual care possible before emergencies occur. That’s why using non-medical in-home care can help you and your loved ones in the long-term. Receive a personalized experience that will prevent your loved one from arriving in a hospital where personalized care is nearly impossible. Even if you don’t see an eager need for help, it may be beneficial to at least consider in-home care by Griswold to prepare for the future.


Don’t permit your loved one to become a number in a statistic. Take advantage of the service in your community while making your loved one’s life easier and happier from the comfort of their home. You can call the Home Care Hotline at (800) 474-7965 for further details on the benefits of non-medical in-home care. Or visit our website for material on specific forms of care and guidance.


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Chiropractor in Sioux Falls

Chiropractic Services Sioux FallsCaring for your body is the least you can do for yourself. So if you’re experiencing spinal, neck, head, joint, or other muscular pain then you should look into contacting a local chiropractor. Chiropractic care is almost always solely associated with back and neck pain, however chiropractors can do much more.


Services at Vitality’s Sioux Falls Chiropractor are designed to truly increase your health level, strengthen your body, and overall have your body working the way it should be. With its three-stage program, chiropractors are able to provide valuable results affecting your health in the long term.


How Do You Know if You Should Try Chiropractic Care?


If you’re experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort that is usually a sign that you should consider seeing a chiropractor. Even if you are experiencing pains such as headaches, shoulder or wrist pain, whiplash, vertigo, arthritis, or muscular issues, a chiropractor can help you. You can find a complete list of health related issues that can be aided by a chiropractor here.


Once you’ve decided that chiropractic care is of interest to you, give Vitality Chiropractic a call to ensure your issues can properly receive help. And then make sure that you follow through with every stage of care, otherwise you won’t truly benefit from the results. People often become discouraged when the pain seems to be relieved, for it only to come back. Then they decide the treatment isn’t working and give up far too quickly.


Familiarize yourself with the stages Vitality Chiropractic recommends so that you completely understand the circumstances and processes of chiropractic care.


Relief Care


New patients will visit the practice two or three times a week as needed after an initial consultation. Thereafter, patients will receive specialized treatments to reduce or even eliminate some symptoms. Once your chiropractor advises this stage is complete, you’ll move onto stage 2: corrective care.


Corrective Care


This stage of chiropractic care is necessary for a more permanent outcome. Some patients may choose to discontinue their sessions after relief care, however if you’re serious about restoring, healing, and preventing recurring symptoms, then corrective care is a must. This specialized care will take note of your Central Nervous System (CNS), which controls each of your cells, tissues and organs. Thus, not only will this stage focus on pain relief, but also function. This phase could take a few months with less visits depending on the seriousness of your condition.


Wellness Care


This is the stage in which you feel healed and your body is rejuvenated. You’ll still need to attend routine chiropractic visits to maintain your body’s health. For best results, you’ll receive regular adjustments, complete exercises, and have a planned out diet.


All stages of chiropractic care provide an alternative to risky surgeries or inorganic medicines. By staying committed to a chiropractic program, you can improve your overall body function and live healthier. If you’re located in Sioux Falls, consider calling Vitality Chiropractic at (605) 371-3533 for the opportunity of reducing pain and maximizing life. You may also visit their website for further services and details.



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Quality Non-Medical Homecare In Your Area

orlando non medical home careHopefully the city you live in is known to be a growing community where people feel comfortable and happy to live, work, and have fun. With this in mind, Griswold Home Care aims to provide the best non-medical homecare in the area so your loved ones can continue to enjoy the community they love.


Non-medical home care is something you might consider if you, or someone you know of, are in need of some help with day-to-day activities. There are various options for senior care and odds are you’ve done some research on the best options to fit your lifestyle, budget, and social needs. After assessing these factors, if your goal is to remain at home, then Griswold Home Care can help to refer you to a caregiver that can help.


Keeping your loved ones close to home and the community is not the sole benefit of in-home care with Griswold.


Personalized Care


Providing the best and most professional care possible for your loved one is the number one goal for Griswold-referred caregivers. No matter your needs, caregivers will be happy to provide quality personalized care with 100% of their attention given at all times; that isn’t possible with other forms of senior care.


Independence and Ease


Transitions are always difficult, but your loved ones will probably find increased relief adjusting to a different lifestyle from the comfort of their home. While caregivers assist with services such as daily chores, meal preparation, or grocery shopping, your loved one will continue to live a confident and independent lifestyle free of worry, all while enjoying a beautiful community.


Keep Up With the Family


You’ll be updated regularly on the status of your loved one and constantly stay in the loop with routine calls and visits without extra charges. You should never feel like you’re left in the dark when it comes to the people you care about most.


Put Your Mind at Ease


Realistically speaking, with a busy lifestyle you can’t always be there for your loved one. But somebody can be to help ensure your peace of mind. Best of all, Griswold’s intense screening process will ensure that professional caregivers are not only the best at what they do, but also the best fit for your household.


Griswold’s CareAssure Screening System is a rigorous process that requires an analysis of personal references, strengths, experience, criminal background, and identity. Additionally Griswold’s CarePairing System is an assessment that will use your input to ultimately refer a highly qualified caregiver which matches your personalities, values, and overall preferences; all of this at no extra charge.


If you’re looking for quality non-medical in-home care in your area, look no further. Griswold Home Care is committed to helping your loved ones live an independent lifestyle within your home and community. Not only will they be able to stay engaged in the thriving city, but also live happy and healthy.


For more information on how you or your loved one can receive quality non-medical home care, visit Griswold Home Care’s website or Learn More here.



Counseling Blog

Orlando Couples: Counseling Can Truly Save Your Relationship

Recently, has your relationship been struggling with constant conflict? Are you feeling defeated or constantly unhappy? Ready to throw in the towel? Well don’t give up just yet, because couples counseling could be the solution to all your problems.


Couples therapy works with you and your partner to build an emotional foundation with safe and open communication. With strategies that are realistic and successful, licensed therapists can help to repair and even improve your relationship. Counseling sessions can assist you and your partner to have productive conversations that will get you started on the path to accomplishment and happiness.


Couples counseling will assist your relationship not only in the short term, but also in the long term by providing you the tools to communicate and connect. The benefits are endless, however here are some of the most successful outcomes that you could soon be experiencing:


Learn Responsible Reflection


Couples therapy will help each individual learn to connect problems of the past and present with responsible reflection. Are you feeling like the blame often falls upon you? Or do you feel all the blame should be on the other partner? Well couples therapy will work with you to have honest reflection in order to pinpoint the source of the problem. Learning how you and your partner can make small communication alterations will ultimately give you a drastic transformation.


Raising a mirror to ourselves is not often easy and neither is forgetting about our pride. But in order to achieve any progress, both parties must be willing to compromise and possibly change their mindset or attitude.


Control and Express Emotion


Expressing your emotions during heated conflicts can quickly produce an end result that is drastically damaging for the future. Your counselor will help you and your partner to develop emotional communication that will curb your relationship away from turmoil. Learning to express negative emotions in a calm and understanding manner will give you less headache and more romantic success.


Have a Deeper Connection


If learning to communicate and reflect isn’t enough incentive to delve into the realm of couples counseling, then maybe a deeper connection with your partner is attractive. You’ll be able to learn new things about your partner that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to discover. Deepening a connection with someone you love and hope to keep in your life is the best possible outcome. At the end of your sessions, your relationship could walk out stronger and rejuvenated.


Couples therapy can truly be your saving grace. Proven strategies are used to strengthen your communication and emotional connection. These are not just theoretical outcomes. You can learn more and find Orlando certified couples counseling in Orlando that can save your relationship, decrease your stress, and give you the tools needed for a romantic future. Don’t hesitate, after your first session you’ll really understand the validity of this process and soon be living a loving life.