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Senior Health: What To Ask Your Doctor About 0

As we age, our bodies change and slow in the natural process of regeneration. It’s a common fact that elderly people are more susceptible to chronic illness and diseases due to many lifestyle and genetic factors related to the ageing process. Even if you are in relatively good health,

Art As Therapy 0

As technology advances and medicine research offers new insights constantly, it can be expected that when dealing with mind and body health issues, people will look to medicine to treat their aliments and conditions. The flip side of advancing research, however, is that people are also being illuminated as

Exercise As A Prevention For Hearing Loss 0

Hearing loss is an extremely common occurrence in every culture, in every part of the world. There can be many and varied reasons why people of all ages experience hearing loss, and different severities of the condition, which has led to multiple solutions and treatments for those who experience

Get Fit And Healthy Without Even Trying! 0

The holiday season can be a busy time for the majority of people. Oftentimes our workout regimes we took up during the year can fall by the wayside when we are busy with other holiday-prepping activities.   How to beat the too-busy-to-workout mentality? Here’s some tips on how to

The Anti-Ageing Benefits of Broccoli 0

It’s no secret that eating vegetables is great for your health. The notoriety is specifically on the fresh, green, organic (pesticide free) varieties. Broccoli boasts many amazing benefits for the body; packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential disease combatting nutrients. There have been numerous studies conducted that examine