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Art As Therapy

As technology advances and medicine research offers new insights constantly, it can be expected that when dealing with mind and body health issues, people will look to medicine to treat their aliments and conditions. The flip side of advancing research, however, is that people are also being illuminated as to the effects of medicine on the body from temporary side effects to more long term issues. This gives way to the rise of natural and alternative therapies as a growing trend for people looking to get back to health and support their mental and physical wellbeing.


When it comes to mental health, there are a range of treatment options. Art therapy is a particularly popular form of alternative treatment for people dealing with conditions ranging from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, to eating disorders and more. Art is an experience that provides freedom of action, with little rules and a lot of creative scope. The act of drawing, painting, sculpting and crafting allows people to choose what they most enjoy, and to step out of their minds and into a world of color and creative freedom.


Art is not only a space where we can try something new, interact with colors and textures – art is expressive. For people who may not be getting the results from traditional therapies of expressing and sharing through talking or otherwise, then art can be a way to get in touch with you inner experience and allow whatever is inside to come out. It is not just about making something with your hands, art can also be dance, music, any creative outlet that allows you to interact with the world through an enjoyable, accessible medium, rather than allowing your mind and mental state influence and take over your life.


There are many resources online and in the health services industry which can give some direction on where to start. However, if you’re not an artistic person and looking for help with your mental health, it is best that you advise a licensed therapist.

Health Blog

Exercise As A Prevention For Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an extremely common occurrence in every culture, in every part of the world. There can be many and varied reasons why people of all ages experience hearing loss, and different severities of the condition, which has led to multiple solutions and treatments for those who experience hearing loss in some form or another. Quality of life is said to decline when people experience adverse hearing loss, from job-related issues, to mental health effects with instances of depression and anxiety increasing in those suffering hearing conditions.


One lesser-known prevention that may have some positive effects on preventing hearing loss is exercise. Not only has exercise proven to be beneficial for improved bone density, immune system support in cardiovascular fitness, and overall healthy functioning of the brain, research is now revealing some more unexpected advantages of exercise. As the act of moving the body works on an internal and external basis in the functioning of the entire body-system, it does not come as a surprise that hearing may also be affected by the regularity of physical movement in a person’s life.


Even when hearing loss is not due to lifestyle factors or illness, there will always be age related decline in hearing, as the capillary system of our ears (which contribute to hearing) decline over time in a natural process.


One recent study examined the effects of regular exercise on mice and measured their decline in hearing as they aged. Factors measured were capillary density, which are similar in humans. Research in this area is still evolving, and this is a fairly new finding to come into the scientific world of health. As science advances, we may see more prevention and treatment options arise to help combat age related decline in many different modes of the body, with hearing loss just being one example. This research does give hope into the future of prevention and treatments.


Learn more about how you can improve your health by contacting your local chiropractor.

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Get Fit And Healthy Without Even Trying!

The holiday season can be a busy time for the majority of people. Oftentimes our workout regimes we took up during the year can fall by the wayside when we are busy with other holiday-prepping activities.


How to beat the too-busy-to-workout mentality? Here’s some tips on how to stay in shape and keep fit, without even realising you are working your body!



If you need to go to the corner store, or take your kids to school to the park, then if the option is available for you to walk, take it up! Walking is a great way to burn calories and keep the cardiovascular system in check. Driving may save you time, but walking can save you that extra energy storing in your system and leading to weight gain.


Choose Active Chores

They may not present themselves as the most enjoyable activity, but especially during the holidays, there is always plenty to do around the house. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are great full body movements. Why not turn washing the dishes into an even more effective activity by bending the knees, twisting the body, adding in any extra movement you can.


Laugh And Play

This one can be especially easy if you have children. Take time to join in on their games rather than watch, allow yourself to let loose. As active as kids are, you’ll be sure to get a sweat on. If you’re without kids in the house, surround yourself with people who make you laugh and smile, or do something yourself that inspires a good laugh. Just 10-15 mins of laughing can burn almost 50 calories.


Regularly Stand Up

There’s nothing wrong with taking some much needed down time in the holidays. Though when you are sitting for long periods of time, this can have numerous negative effects on your body. To balance this out, stand up and shake it off at regular intervals.


When the new year comes around you might want to get back into a fitness and nutrition regime. For professional, easy-to-follow tips, consult your local chiropractor.

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The Anti-Ageing Benefits of Broccoli

pexels-photo-53821It’s no secret that eating vegetables is great for your health. The notoriety is specifically on the fresh, green, organic (pesticide free) varieties. Broccoli boasts many amazing benefits for the body; packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential disease combatting nutrients. There have been numerous studies conducted that examine the specific health benefits of this vegetable in creating vibrancy, energy and wellbeing. It has been found that certain qualities of broccoli may actually aid in combatting age decline for those who consume it on a regular basis.


The specific plant chemicals found in vegetables, and broccoli in particular, are known reducers of inflammation, carcinogens and are extremely effective at cell and DNA maintenance. Studies show that one particular enzyme found in broccoli helps to support the cell rejuvenation in such a way that the body’s decline could be reduced.


When our body’s age, our cells produce less energy and this, in turn, translates to less cell maintenance and repair. This causes our body to degenerate – thus, the ageing process. The body begins to decline, creating an environment more susceptible to chronic illness. When our cells energy is directed to attempt to combat the illness, then it is not being directed to rejuvenate healthy cells – which is how we maintain youth and wellbeing.


When we reduce the risk of chronic health problems such as cancers, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and more, then our bodies require less of their valuable energy to combat the disease, and use this energy for cell repair and maintenance, creating a youthful, healthy, longer lasting body. Studies have also shown that increased memory and cognitive performance is a result of consuming more vegetables that carry these disease-fighting enzymes. It is suggested to lightly steam your broccoli for no more than 5 minutes in order to get the optimal amount of nutrient value from this vegetable.

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Chiropractor in Sioux Falls

Chiropractic Services Sioux FallsCaring for your body is the least you can do for yourself. So if you’re experiencing spinal, neck, head, joint, or other muscular pain then you should look into contacting a local chiropractor. Chiropractic care is almost always solely associated with back and neck pain, however chiropractors can do much more.


Services at Vitality’s Sioux Falls Chiropractor are designed to truly increase your health level, strengthen your body, and overall have your body working the way it should be. With its three-stage program, chiropractors are able to provide valuable results affecting your health in the long term.


How Do You Know if You Should Try Chiropractic Care?


If you’re experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort that is usually a sign that you should consider seeing a chiropractor. Even if you are experiencing pains such as headaches, shoulder or wrist pain, whiplash, vertigo, arthritis, or muscular issues, a chiropractor can help you. You can find a complete list of health related issues that can be aided by a chiropractor here.


Once you’ve decided that chiropractic care is of interest to you, give Vitality Chiropractic a call to ensure your issues can properly receive help. And then make sure that you follow through with every stage of care, otherwise you won’t truly benefit from the results. People often become discouraged when the pain seems to be relieved, for it only to come back. Then they decide the treatment isn’t working and give up far too quickly.


Familiarize yourself with the stages Vitality Chiropractic recommends so that you completely understand the circumstances and processes of chiropractic care.


Relief Care


New patients will visit the practice two or three times a week as needed after an initial consultation. Thereafter, patients will receive specialized treatments to reduce or even eliminate some symptoms. Once your chiropractor advises this stage is complete, you’ll move onto stage 2: corrective care.


Corrective Care


This stage of chiropractic care is necessary for a more permanent outcome. Some patients may choose to discontinue their sessions after relief care, however if you’re serious about restoring, healing, and preventing recurring symptoms, then corrective care is a must. This specialized care will take note of your Central Nervous System (CNS), which controls each of your cells, tissues and organs. Thus, not only will this stage focus on pain relief, but also function. This phase could take a few months with less visits depending on the seriousness of your condition.


Wellness Care


This is the stage in which you feel healed and your body is rejuvenated. You’ll still need to attend routine chiropractic visits to maintain your body’s health. For best results, you’ll receive regular adjustments, complete exercises, and have a planned out diet.


All stages of chiropractic care provide an alternative to risky surgeries or inorganic medicines. By staying committed to a chiropractic program, you can improve your overall body function and live healthier. If you’re located in Sioux Falls, consider calling Vitality Chiropractic at (605) 371-3533 for the opportunity of reducing pain and maximizing life. You may also visit their website for further services and details.