Exercise As A Prevention For Hearing Loss

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Exercise As A Prevention For Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an extremely common occurrence in every culture, in every part of the world. There can be many and varied reasons why people of all ages experience hearing loss, and different severities of the condition, which has led to multiple solutions and treatments for those who experience hearing loss in some form or another. Quality of life is said to decline when people experience adverse hearing loss, from job-related issues, to mental health effects with instances of depression and anxiety increasing in those suffering hearing conditions.


One lesser-known prevention that may have some positive effects on preventing hearing loss is exercise. Not only has exercise proven to be beneficial for improved bone density, immune system support in cardiovascular fitness, and overall healthy functioning of the brain, research is now revealing some more unexpected advantages of exercise. As the act of moving the body works on an internal and external basis in the functioning of the entire body-system, it does not come as a surprise that hearing may also be affected by the regularity of physical movement in a person’s life.


Even when hearing loss is not due to lifestyle factors or illness, there will always be age related decline in hearing, as the capillary system of our ears (which contribute to hearing) decline over time in a natural process.


One recent study examined the effects of regular exercise on mice and measured their decline in hearing as they aged. Factors measured were capillary density, which are similar in humans. Research in this area is still evolving, and this is a fairly new finding to come into the scientific world of health. As science advances, we may see more prevention and treatment options arise to help combat age related decline in many different modes of the body, with hearing loss just being one example. This research does give hope into the future of prevention and treatments.


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