Get Fit And Healthy Without Even Trying!

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Get Fit And Healthy Without Even Trying!

The holiday season can be a busy time for the majority of people. Oftentimes our workout regimes we took up during the year can fall by the wayside when we are busy with other holiday-prepping activities.


How to beat the too-busy-to-workout mentality? Here’s some tips on how to stay in shape and keep fit, without even realising you are working your body!



If you need to go to the corner store, or take your kids to school to the park, then if the option is available for you to walk, take it up! Walking is a great way to burn calories and keep the cardiovascular system in check. Driving may save you time, but walking can save you that extra energy storing in your system and leading to weight gain.


Choose Active Chores

They may not present themselves as the most enjoyable activity, but especially during the holidays, there is always plenty to do around the house. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are great full body movements. Why not turn washing the dishes into an even more effective activity by bending the knees, twisting the body, adding in any extra movement you can.


Laugh And Play

This one can be especially easy if you have children. Take time to join in on their games rather than watch, allow yourself to let loose. As active as kids are, you’ll be sure to get a sweat on. If you’re without kids in the house, surround yourself with people who make you laugh and smile, or do something yourself that inspires a good laugh. Just 10-15 mins of laughing can burn almost 50 calories.


Regularly Stand Up

There’s nothing wrong with taking some much needed down time in the holidays. Though when you are sitting for long periods of time, this can have numerous negative effects on your body. To balance this out, stand up and shake it off at regular intervals.


When the new year comes around you might want to get back into a fitness and nutrition regime. For professional, easy-to-follow tips, consult your local chiropractor.