Research Tells Elderly To Take Advantage of In-Home Care


Research Tells Elderly To Take Advantage of In-Home Care

griswold senior careA recent study with the University of Virginia has found that up to 4 million elderly Americans live at home and do not receive the health care that is essential. Assistant professor Aaron Yao, and his colleagues analyzed 2012 and 2013 Medicare payment data in order to track home visits in the US. What they eventually found was less and less doctors making home visits and medical care moving to be “more hospital and office-centered.”


The deficiency of in-home care is related to the hefty expenditure in hospitalizations and visits to the emergency department. Yao explains further that if elderly people have controlled symptoms and available in-home care, then there is less likely a risk for a 911 call. So investing in personal care will not only uphold health and “quality of life,” but also help to save a substantial amount of capital.


Yao advocates searching for home-based medical care providers in your area and advising with a doctor. The more “patient-centered model” is great for elderly as well as health care specialists, considering they have a great deal of job satisfaction.


Even though this study was constructed in reference to in-home medical care, it principally aligns well with the benefits and purposes of nonmedical in-home care. Griswold Senior Care does everything possible to deliver the best, personalized experience for in-home care that will help your loved one live happy and healthy. With our certified professional caretakers, your loved one will prosper as independently as possible so you don’t have to be nervous about their wellbeing.


Whatever your in-home care needs are, Griswold can deliver the help you and your loved one require. Numerous elderly are stressed finding quality in-home care in their area, so take advantage of what the experts say works.


If your loved one needs help with day-to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, bathing, or running errands, then our caregivers can be of service. Just need someone for assistance with home projects, gardening, or attending social events? Or perhaps you could use a 24-hour live-in service? We can take care of all of that as well. Even if your loved one is in the final stages of serious illness, we can assist with symptom relief and care.


The status of health and safety can be a slippery slope, so you want to have the most effectual care possible before emergencies occur. That’s why using non-medical in-home care can help you and your loved ones in the long-term. Receive a personalized experience that will prevent your loved one from arriving in a hospital where personalized care is nearly impossible. Even if you don’t see an eager need for help, it may be beneficial to at least consider in-home care by Griswold to prepare for the future.


Don’t permit your loved one to become a number in a statistic. Take advantage of the service in your community while making your loved one’s life easier and happier from the comfort of their home. You can call the Home Care Hotline at (800) 474-7965 for further details on the benefits of non-medical in-home care. Or visit our website for material on specific forms of care and guidance.