Senior Health: What To Ask Your Doctor About

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Senior Health: What To Ask Your Doctor About

As we age, our bodies change and slow in the natural process of regeneration. It’s a common fact that elderly people are more susceptible to chronic illness and diseases due to many lifestyle and genetic factors related to the ageing process. Even if you are in relatively good health, it is advised to visit your general health practitioner more regularly the older you get. The most common health conditions that people over 65 experience are heart disease, arthritis, cancer and Alzheimers. When you visit your doctor’s office, it is important to discuss these issues, your genetic and lifestyle risk factors, and how to prevent these diseases from occurring.


Heart disease has been reported to be the leading cause of death for people over the age of 65. The risk of experiencing high blood pressure and high cholesterol increases the older we get, leading to a risk of stroke or other heart conditions. Lifestyle factors of eating well and exercise can be a great prevention tool here for maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Arthritis is a condition, which, although is not chronic, can be extremely debilitating for older people. The pain of arthritis can drastically reduce quality of life, and lead to difficulties conducting every day tasks. Working with your doctor on how to create more mobility in your body can help treat this condition.


As the second leading cause of death in people over 65, Cancer is not only just a chronic disease that the elderly face, but also people of all ages and lifestyles. Early detection is key here, so screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies and skin test should all be conducted on a regular basis for elderly people especially.


Alzheimers disease affects not just the elderly person experiencing it, but their family also. Although research in this area is relatively new, there are many different lifestyle prevention methods that are being proposed, such as what to eat, keeping your body healthy and fit, and also exercising your brain by keeping your mind active to reduce the instance of cognitive impairment.


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